Deep In Throat Blowjob Blowjob Original Cand Ii Rupe Muia

Deep In Throat Blowjob Blowjob Original Cand Ii Rupe Muia

Kimmi hopped out of his SUV in cutoff denim shorts and a white t-shirt. Mr. B had rolled down the windows for the trip so they could smell the fresh air, but he also liked Kimmi with a windblown, wild look. Her nipples were showing through her thin white t-shirt. He smiled in satisfaction at her appearance."Come see my farm, Kimmi," he said eagerly."I love this," she replied smiling, looking around at the trees and wildflowers.Kimmi took a deep breath and smiled. Being outdoors always relaxed her and made her senses come alive. She looked at her man in his rugged jeans and t-shirt. At 6' 2", he always had a presence about him, but he looked different here. He was more relaxed as well and oozing sensual sexiness. It would be a fun day."Come see my pride and joy, Kimmi," said Mr. B. "My tractor.""You boys and your toys," she said laughing."Do you want to ride?""YES! I mean, can I? Is it hard?" she asked."I will show you," he said, mischievously. "I think you will like certain aspects of it.""Okay," Kimmi said, looking puzzled.Mr. B took her hand and pulled her over to the tractor. It had a fairly big seat with a little bit of a bulge down the middle of the seat. "Now, slip your shorts off and get on," he instructed."What? Ride in my panties?" she asked, raising her eyebrows."Yes! Trust me." "Ummm ... NO!" she answered defiantly."Now, are we going to start our day with a spanking, or will you do as I politely asked?" he said sternly. "Trust me."He unfastened her shorts and slid them down her legs. He gave her a quick swat on her bottom and told her to climb onto the tractor. He instructed her how to control it and she took off. The first thing she noticed was the vibration between her legs. The bulge in the seat was rubbing her in exactly the right place. She found herself breathing quickly and moaning a little. "How is it?" Mr. B yelled as he chased her through the field.Kimmi just smiled. He could tell she was feeling what he intended from the vibrating seat. She rode for awhile not wanting to stop but then had a greater design for her man to touch her. She pulled up beside him flushed."How do you feel?" he asked chuckling. "Like the feel of the seat?"Kimmi blushed, "Ummm yes."He hugged her and kissed her waiting mouth. He broke their kiss and knelt before her."Let me finish what my little toy started," he said with a smoldering look in his eyes.Kimmi grew nervous. Something had been bothering her. She pulled back a little."Can I have some more of my pineapple juice?" she asked."What's wrong, sweetie?" he asked. "And what's up with the juice? You have been drinking it like crazy.""Oh nothing," she said looking away."Hey, tell me now," he commanded."Well, I read somewhere that pineapple juice makes you... you know... taste better," she said, still looking away."Your pussy? You are worried about how your pussy tastes to me?" he asked, shaking his head.Kimmi didn't answer but looked at him with that apprehensive look he had seen so many times. He quickly leaned her forward over his shoulder and yanked down her panties."Lay back on this tractor and don't move," he ordered.He pushed his face between her legs and draped her tanned, shapely legs over his strong, broad shoulders."'Look me in the eyes. You will see how much I LOVE the taste of you ... just the way you are," he said.He began roughly licking her clit and sliding up and down tugging on her lips. He never broke eye contact with her. She could see the desire in his eyes. He quit suddenly to say, "And no one is around for miles, so scream as loud as you want. I don't want you to hold back. You are safe here and no one will hear you."He resumed his torture and she let herself go. Him kissing her pussy was the best feeling ever. He was an expert at it. She always had to hold back in her apartment. She let out a loud scream. A flock of startled birds scattered in the trees around them. She kept screaming as he devoured her pussy. Her world froze for a second and she had an orgasm. He lifted himself up to watch her as her whole body shook. He loved to watch her orgasm ... she always shook violently and entered into a state of complete loss of control."Fuck!" she finally screamed."Now, do not worry about 'how you taste' ever again. Do you hear me?" he said."Yes," she answered smiling.He lifted her off the tractor and carried her to a blanket he had laid out on the ground. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was blowing ever so slightly. It was a perfect day on the farm. They could smell the honeysuckle, hear the birds, and it awakened all their senses. He laid her down beside him. She was still naked from the waist down. He joined her by taking off his own jeans, shirt, and underwear. "Kimmi, I want to ask you about a few things?" he said quietly. "I'm hoping you feel more comfortable here. Nature can be very relaxing to the spirit and soul.""Okay," she said curiously."I want to know more about the spanking thing with you," he said.He sat up and pulled her face down across his lap."I am not going to spank you now, but I want you in this position to help you think more about how to answer my questions."Kimmi was embarrassed, but ar
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oused, at laying naked ass-up across his lap. "Why do you like being spanked?" he asked."Well, I can try to explain it, but I don't think you will understand," she said quietly."Try me, sweetheart," Mr. B said. He was gently caressing her round, naked bottom with his large hands."Okay. I was raised by very strict parents. I always thought that sex was kind of taboo and something bad for me to think about. This was just the impression I got from my parents. But, I had a big imagination and was always a very sensual girl. I had lots of thoughts about sex.""Were you spanked as a little girl?" he asked."Yes, but I didn't like it," Kimmi replied."I have always been turned on by the thought of a lover spanking me though. I have never voiced it until you pushed the subject with me. I have never been spanked by anyone except you," she continued. "I think it is such a turn-on because it feels like I am being freed by you to do what I desire with sex. All the feelings of shame and insecurity are sort of 'spanked' out of me.  I want to suck you, be on my knees before you, have you see my most private areas, enjoy what you do to me, and fuck me hard and in unladylike positions. Does any of this make sense to you?"Kimmi, still laid across his lap, covered her face with her hands. She had grown wet with his caresses, and he slipped his hand between her legs. She let out a little squeal but remained in place."Kimmi, that is the best explanation of spanking I have ever heard," he said quietly. "And, yes, I do understand. I want you to feel free and secure with me.""I feel that way when you spank me," she added. "It sounds weird, I know. It is such a freeing thing for me. It hurts but does something powerful to me. It resets or reboots me like a locked up computer."Mr. B continued to gently rub between her legs as she was starting to squirm on top of him. She also felt his enlarged, naked cock rubbing against her tummy."Hey, it is not weird. You are still like a little girl trapped in a woman's body. Our upbringings can have lasting effects on us," Mr. B said. "You are a great person and I want you to enjoy sex. Now, prepare to be thoroughly spanked and then I will put you on your knees and fuck you from behind in a very unladylike position, with your lovely ass in the air, for all the birds to see!"His words instantly excited her. With each swat of his large hand, she squirmed and squealed a little... and her desire grew exponentially as her inhibitions left her. He spanked away her inhibitions and insecurities and revealed the lusty woman within. When he was finished, her bottom glowed red in the sunshine. Her bottom stung. He gently rubbed her now as she had grown wild with want for him. She wriggled backward until his enlarged cock was in her face. She suddenly swallowed him whole until she was gagging. "Whoa! Slow down, honey. I don't want to cum now," he said pulling her away."I love sucking you. I do. I do," she said panting. "I want to go down on the farm!" He could see her eyes glazing over in lust.He pulled her up and freed her large breasts from her shirt and bra. He thought she had the most delicious nipples. They were just the right size for pinching and sucking. One flick of his tongue and she was again screaming."On your knees," he ordered gently.She obeyed and could hardly wait for what would come next. He was the best at fucking she had ever had. He slowly inserted his tip and pulled it out again. However, Kimmi was full of lust and impatient now. She thrust her bottom back against him, suddenly taking in all of his large cock."Please fuck me. Fuccck me haaard!" she stammered, losing control.Mr. B grabbed her around the waist and he powered into her wet pussy. "You are so wet, Kimmi. Sooo wet," he growled.The wind had picked up and the breeze was cooling their heated bodies. Kimmi threw her head back to take it all in. The warm sun on her face and back, the breeze blowing her long hair and Mr. B fucking her so hard that she thought she would explode. He was different here... more primal. He was growling a little as he fucked her. Kimmi was really losing it and moving uncontrollably."Move with me, baby," he instructed. She tried to focus and move into him but was losing her mind in ecstasy. He gripped her harder to hold her in place. She was free to scream here and was taking advantage. He was loudly growling. She felt so tight and wet. He loved seeing her on her knees. Her beautiful bottom was thrust up for him to fully take in. He loved watching her scream and throw her head back as he pounded her. She had her orgasm and shook violently while he exploded his into her accepting pussy. They were just two more wild animals on the farm.He gently flattened her on her tummy and laid on top of her. His cock was still inside her warm pussy. They laid in the sun like this for a long time before he pulled out. He rolled her over and kissed her lips. They basked in the sun, side by side naked for the birds, trees, animals, and all of nature to witness. The sun dried their wetness. The breeze cooled their heated skin. The smell of sex mixed in with nature.Nothing better than the great outdoors.

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