Dansatoare porno ce se fute la masaj

Dansatoare porno ce se fute la masaj

Em was shouting into the bed covering. She was naked except for her garter belt. She was lying face down across the bottom of the bed with her legs spread widely apart and her feet on the carpeted floor of her hotel room for extra purchase. A hot cock was punching her wetly fragrant vagina, rapidly bringing her to orgasm. It was her first of the night. It would certainly not be her last. It had been an all-round great evening in fact. She’d had a very good result. She so loved being appointed to her favourite position. The hot young man whose thick and long cock was now urgently fucking her in a thoroughly delightful and very arousing way had been fun to talk to over dinner. They were at a business conference, boring things, and had been glad that they were at the same table. Being under-impressed with the proceedings gave them both something with which to start a conversation. They had done this during a break at the bar between courses. They had exchanged business cards and, in a special moment a little later, meaningful glances. Em had returned to the table buzzing, with her nipples hard and her pussy wet. It was only an overnight trip this one. She’d thought vaguely of getting an outcall or a hot in-room massage later in the evening but events had now made that necessity redundant. Enthusiastically free young hot cock was a much better deal. His name was Brett. He was also in town for just the night. He lived in another city, not her own. He ran some sort of new technology consultancy. None of that mattered. What did matter was that he obviously appreciated her interest and had decided to reciprocate it. He had taken in her wedding ring and clearly decided (sensible young man) that it was irrelevant to the activities that now, excitingly, seemed a certainty for later on. He was not single either. Em had established this during their chat at the bar and had smiled to herself. She had yet to meet a man who could (or would) resist her offered pussy. She had dressed in a suitably corporate fashion for the dinner, on the outside. She was wearing her favourite midnight blue just-below-the-knee dress and just the right amount of jewellery to set off its modest décolleté. She had scented herself with her currently favoured perfume, Poison. Her fingernails and toenails were painted a rich, dark red. Her lipstick matched this tone. Her hair was currently cut to shoulder length and she’d left it loose so that it would swing in time with the slight flounce of her hemline. She had looked in the mirror and thought, “I look very sexy.” She did. When she was dressing earlier she had had hot thoughts about what she might do after dinner. She was in a city she frequently visited. She knew where to call for whatever services she might decide she required. In fact she’d been in town just the week before on a similar overnight trip and had loudly enjoyed the services of a very hot masseur. He had placed a waterproof sheet on the bed and had delightfully stripped her naked on it and given her a very full oil massage. She now had his number. The massage came with benefits, in the modern phrase. Those benefits in her case that night had included the hottest nipple and pussy massages she’d had in a while (well, since a lovely night in Kobe, Japan, the previous month) and two monumentally fabulous fucks. Ambrose had asked her when she got home the next evening if she’d done anything exciting the previous evening. He always seemed to know, damn him. She had told him. She thought she mightn’t tell him about tonight, however. The lovely young man who was very well built and well over six foot was peripherally on the same business circuit as she was and they might meet again. If they did, she knew she’d fuck him. Em usually confessed only her one-offs and not all of those either. In line with her former plan for later in the evening, underneath her suitably conservative late-thirty-something corporate exterior she had worn her newest and tiniest black lace bra and string. She had also chosen to wear a black lace garter belt. It was sometimes fun to have your stockings snapped free of restraint when you were about to be fucked. It was always fun, too, if you were wearing one, to have your garter belt either torn off or left on for first-cock. Her stockings were sheer, black with little lace tops. She wore black patent leather stilettos with ultra-high heels to complete the package. They had memorably stayed on during the initial engagement in a tryst she had enjoyed with a man in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Inside her tiny little black string Em was currently wearing a mini-triangle of hair. That had been a huge hit in Hong Kong too. She remembered that with a buzz. The man had stripped her to her dark red panties and shoes on the big leather chesterfield in his Mid-Levels penthouse and he spent hours licking her pussy. Then he had fucked her twice in them. He had done this with consummate skill and great energy. Afterwards he had stripped her completely naked and carried her to his bedroom and fucked her through the night. He had done this in almost every way possible, in her pussy twice, in her mouth once, and once in her ass. She’d be seeing him again next month. Her pussy got wet every time she thought about that. Tonight, though, such thoughts of the distant future were far from Em’s mind. She was focused on
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immediate delight. This included being fucked senseless on the bed in her hotel room upstairs as soon as she and he could escape the dinner. They met again in the bar during another break in proceedings. Em had been her customary forthright self. She said, “Brett, how many times are you planning to fuck me tonight?” He was good, she thought. He didn’t even bat an eyelid. He had just laughed and said, “I’m planning on multiple entries.” Then he said, “I have been planning our shared enterprise. I have some ideas I’d like your comments on. First, though, tell me how you’d like the first one.” Em’s little lace panties nearly caught fire. Then she felt them become very hotly wet. She told him. “Strip me naked except for one garment. Which one that is should be your choice. I won’t tell you what I’m wearing under my dress. I don’t want to spoil your fun. I can tell it that it’s not very much. “Then you should push me face down over the end of my bed and throw my legs apart. I’ll brace my feet against the floor. You then fuck me very quickly, very hard, doggy style.” While Em was telling him this she was watching his crotch. It rapidly acquired a substantial bulge. She liked that. It promised well for the night’s activity. He had big hands too. She imagined them caressing all of her body, especially her nipples and including the internally accessible bits. The young man said, “God, you’re the hottest.” He moistened his lips. Em thought to herself, “The poor boy has a lust-dry mouth, how lovely is that?” He continued, “Do you do this a lot? I hope I can live up to your expectations.” Em especially loved modest men. She smiled sweetly and said, “I love quality cock. I’m very choosy. They have to be very hot cocks too.” She smiled again. “I’m absolutely confident that you will meet all my expectations.” She brushed his lips with the wet tip of her tongue and briefly penetrated them. She did this while she ran a hand lightly over his bulging crotch. “What about you?” she asked with a teasing smile. “Does your cock get out for a play very often?” It was his turn to give a teasing smile. “Not very often,” he said. “It’s just now and then. It’s only when I have a Mustafa moment.” Em laughed. “You’re having one now then,” she said. An hour later, the dinner and separate goodbyes over, they were at the door of Em’s room. She was trying to get the key-card to work. He had her little black lace panties in his teeth. He was enjoying her taste and dampness and the residual aroma. He had suddenly run his hands up her dress in the lift and removed them swiftly. Em had enjoyed that very much. The key-card finally produced the little green light in the door lock panel that it was supposed to. They went into the room. A minute later he was naked and Em was nearly so (he had left her garter belt on, the sexy man). She was face down over the end of the bed with her legs spread and her feet firmly on the floor. She was open and wet. They could both smell her sex essence, now freshly flowing. It had warmed Em. It had aroused Brett to a frenzy of desire. She had seen his cock when he stripped naked. It was thick and long and vertical against the lush dark brown hair he had in a big and neatly manicured power square above it. Em had said, “Oh my god, that’s going to be beautiful.” Now she felt his cock gently push apart her pussy lips, teasing her into opening just a little bit more. He held it there briefly, moving its big glistening tip slightly to arouse her further. Then she felt it slide powerfully in. She loved First Entry. This cock was hot. It was delicious. It was huge. It filled all of her hot wet cavity and pushed out the walls of her vagina to create the space it needed. Em had always loved the fucking that followed First Entry too. It made her shout from beginning to end. When his cock was finally fully inside her and she was moaning with pleasure, he began thrusting hotly and rapidly. He was clearly filled with lust. He was gasping for breath behind her, pumping madly. She knew her sex smell and the give-it-to-me heat of her vagina was driving him to greater and greater efforts. Em pictured his cock stretching her entrance. She felt him start to come. His cock got harder and harder. His thrusts became wilder and wilder. They also became all the way in, almost all the way out thrusts. That too was just the way Em liked to have cock. She felt the familiar but always surprising sudden warmth flood through her vagina and pelvis. It ran up her tummy and excited her nipples, hardening them still further as they pressed into the bed cover. She was coming too. Now they were panting in time with each other, and shouting together too. Em was shouting, “Give it to me! Oh god! Oh god! Give it to me!” He was shouting, “You’re hot! You’re hot! I’m going to give it to you! I’m going to give it to you! I’m going to give it to you right NOW!” He did, with a redoubling of his thrusts and his hot breath exciting the downy hair on the back of her neck. He came in a huge gush, then another, and another, calling her name. His hot flood filled her, the ejaculations making her shout even louder. Em screamed as she climaxed. Later, wantonly naked in various positions on her bed, she shouted and then screamed three more times.

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