Xxx With A Blonde Fucked In The Standing Bathroom

Xxx With A Blonde Fucked In The Standing Bathroom

“Yo, I think we actually did okay out there, man,” I said to my friend Paul after performing at our state choral competition.“You think? I mean, the Sopranos are going to soprano. Bitches.” Paul said.“You right about that, bro. They’re shady as hell, man. All we can do is do our job. I got to change.” I said, walking away.Besides my passion for writing, I sang in the choir for two years in high school. Also, I sang in college briefly as well. I was walking to the nearest open changing room to change back into my regular clothes in my tuxedo when I see an open door. What I saw after that would change the way I looked at her (and other females) forever.“Chad!” Kiki said, half naked. She was topless. Her bra wasn’t strapped.“Oh, my God,” I said out of reflex. I quickly turned around after seeing her huge breasts and left.I bet you’re wondering, how did we get to this point? Good question. My first year in the choir was in the year 2008. I always loved music. I liked to sing. I am no angel though. My singing voice now can best have described as a Linkin Park-like voice. My best friend was in the choir.Plus, it was an easy A. I asked myself, how hard could it be? I got put in Varsity Choir my first year. So, I had to learn quickly. Thankfully, my best friend taught me almost everything I know. Myself, along with Paul sang in the bass section.Also in the choir was Kiki, an alto with a quiet, chill demeanor. We wouldn’t know much about each other… yet. But we were cool. I also had a few other classes with her in my two years there. Later, I would know that my friend had a thing for Kiki. .oOo. “Wait, Kiki? You’d fuck Kiki? Really?” I said, surprised.“I got a thing for bigger women, okay? Her titties are always borderline busting out of her shirt!” He admitted.I chuckled. I didn’t judge. Kiki was a bit on the curvy side, quite frankly. I never thought of her like that.“Hey, they need loving too,” I said, shrugging. We felt playful slaps on the back of my heads. It was Kiki. I looked at her.“What y’all talking about?” She said.“Nothing. Why?” I said back.“Mmm-hmm.” She said, walking away.“What? Why you being like that?” I said, with my hands up.“Still would fuck her lights out,” Paul said, passively. .oOo. As time went on, Kiki and I became friends. I had little to no sexual interest at all in her back then. I’m not one to say, “She’s not my type,” but my friend was interested. Besides, I was interested in someone else anyway…“Hey, Chad.” I felt a feminine touch around my neck.“What’s up, Megan?” I said, smiling. She smiled back.“Oh. You like her. Chad…” Kiki said.“What? Can’t a brother be friendly?” I said, jokingly.Megan was a soprano and a year under me. Megan was pretty with a beautiful voice. She was different from them. The sopranos were ironically the worst section: Petty, vindictive, and not taking things seriously. Megan would soon be the reason why I have a disdain for them.“Nah, you can. I just know the truth. I see it in your eyes.” She said. .oOo. At this time, we were getting ready for our state choral competition. Which meant, things got really intense at times in my first year. However, even though I hated being the rookie, I learned a lot of things that year. When the day came to perform, I felt no nervousness. When we sat in that auditorium, watching and waiting for our time, I heard this:“Wake me up.”Kiki rested her head on my shoulder and went to sleep. I looked at her. She looked cute when she was asleep. A few minutes later, it was time to do what we do best. I gently touched her, which woke her up.Which brings
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us to… .oOo. “Shit. I just saw her tits. I actually just saw her tits. How? No, why was I stupid enough to go in? I mean, the door was open…” I rambled to myself, going into my own changing room, quickly closing the door. I was almost finished changing when the door knocked.“Chad. Chaddd…”I knew that voice. It was Kiki.“Yeah?” I answered.“Can I talk to you? Sorry, you had to see that. It was my fault I left the door open.”“Nah, I shouldn’t have walked in,” I said, opening the door.“So we good?”“We’re good,” I said, with a smile.“Oh, and one more thing…” She walked backwards into the changing room and closed the door. She lifted her shirt and took out her big chocolate breasts. “They’re just tits. You’ve seen them. Not like you’ve never seen any before.”“Wait, hold up,” I started.“Chad, you’re hard. You do like these.” She said.“Where is this coming from?” I asked while she lowered her pants, showing her underwear.“Hmm. I’m horny. What’s a little bad touch between friends?”Half naked, she showed her curviness that her clothes didn’t show. Her hand felt my erect dick, unbuckling my pants, revealing my unit. My hands drifted, groped down the front of her curvy body until I went down her underwear. She moaned as I fondled her damp treasure.“Don’t you think we should make this quick?” I said.“Yeah,” She said, breathlessly.She took off her panties quickly. I grabbed her thigh and began to lick her juices, firmly grabbing onto her buttock tightly.“Ugh. Ugh! Yes, yes. Give me that. Mmmm.” She said while biting her lip, fighting her damnedest not to be too loud.Between tastes of her sweet nectar, I fondled her. She got wetter by the touch. I felt her thigh get wetter. My dick was hard as a rock.“Mmmm. Fuck. Gimme that dick,” she said.She started to jerk me off, and suck me vigorously. It felt heavenly.“You like that?” She said.“God, yes. Keep sucking. Keep sucking,” I said, in a trance.She fondled my balls as she licked the underside of my penis slowly, she eventually licked my balls.“Mmm. Fuck,” she moaned.I looked at her, even more turned on. She proceeded to suck me. She looked at me.“Spit on it. Spit on it.” She did, with a little extra of her saliva trailing from my dick. She was jerking me off when…“I’m coming. I’m coming.”She offered her chest. I shot my seed all over her ebony breasts. Breathless, I couldn’t believe what I did.“Yeah, I think this is a foregone conclusion, but… tell no one of this?” I asked.She nodded, with her back turned, getting her clothes back on.“You never did answer my question. Where did that come from? You know Paul badly wants you. I mean, bad,” I asked her.“Knew that. That shit was obvious. Dude was staring at my tits like they were going to pop out,” she said.“Like Dave Chapelle: ’Come on, titty! Come on, titty!’” I joked.“I did that because, one, you saw me naked. Two, it kind of turns me on for people see me naked. Three… well, us thick girls need loving too,” Kiki said.“Dammit, you were listening,” I said, embarrassed.“Not like it was hard,” She retorted. “You dirty freaks.”“Ha. Look who’s talking.”She laughed and said:“What do you expect for me to say? Thanks for the dick?”“Well…” I retorted back, without hesitation.“Okay,” she nodded. She gave me her underwear. I put them in my pocket tightly, she said softly in my ear:“Thanks. I’ll catch up.”She kissed me on the ear. I went quickly out the door. From that point on, Kiki and I never spoke publicly about the open door. She was right though. Thick girls do need loving too.

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