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Porno Cu O Bruneta Care Se Fute Anal Si O Baga Adanc In Cur

I awoke to Doug’s arms around me. Doug was looking at me as my eyes focused. “I love you,” I whispered to him before we kissed.“How was your evening?” Doug asked cautiously.“I went through with it as you asked. I had sex with Jim.” I figured now was not the time to give him the details. “How was your night? Was it all you thought it would be?”Doug was freer with the details of his night. It sounded as if Rachel was a little more aggressive than he had expected. They were naked in her bed within minutes of arriving at their house. Doug told me that they did a 69 with Rachel swallowing his cum. I figured he told me that because I have never allowed him to cum in my mouth.I asked him again it if was all he thought it would be. “It was okay.” Doug seemed a little disappointed when he described how they fucked. He said he came inside her and Rachel rolled over falling asleep. He didn’t say it, but I think he expected more. I was more convinced that I was not going to tell him how many times Jim’s cock was inside me or how many times Jim made me orgasm.We didn’t speak much about our swap in the next week. I did encourage him to try fucking me in the spooning position which we both loved. I had to admit to him that Jim had fucked me that way and I enjoyed it. I sensed a little jealousy in his reaction, “so you liked him fucking you that way,” Doug said.Doug prodded me for more details of Jim fucking me but I just kept telling him “it wasn’t bad.”Another week went by when Doug told me that he had gotten a hit on our profile. A couple named Dan and Heidi, who were younger than us. He was 30 and she was 25. They were looking to have their first swinging experience. Heidi appeared to be short and full figured while Dan was tall and skinny.I could tell Doug was wanting to try again hoping for different results. “Are you alright with meeting them and possibly trying another swap?” Doug asked. I could tell he genuinely was concerned about my feelings.I hadn’t let on that I really enjoyed Jim fucking me and that I was anxious to try another man. “We could meet them and decide from there if that is what you want,” I said feigning apprehension. Our first swap had wet my appetite to try other men but I wanted Doug think I wasn’t as sure about jumping back in bed with another man.Doug contacted Dan and set up dinner. Heidi called back and suggested a restaurant that was connected to a club so we could dance after dinner. Heidi was very forward obviously wanting to push to commit to a swap the night we were to meet. She and Dan decided that if everyone agreed we would split up to each other’s homes. I was worried for that Heidi was going to be pushy and a turn off for him.Our dinner with Heidi and Dan went well. They were as I expected, Heidi was clearly the dominate one of the two. She was very bubbly and outgoing while Dan was quiet and reserved. She was a little pushy but Doug appeared to be enjoying the attention she was giving him. I could tell from the start that she wanted going home with my Doug.Getting to the club side of the restaurant, Heidi grabbed Doug pulling him to the dance floor. By their second dance Heidi had her hands all over Doug. The next dance was slow so I pulled Dan out to dance. I held him tight as we danced. “I think your wife wants to take my husband home with her,” I said into his ear.“I’m sorry, Heidi is pretty forward and knows what she wants. I just want her to be happy,” Dan relied.Dan and I finished the dance with me grinding my pelvis into his crotch. I could feel him getting hard in his pants. We sat back down with Doug and Heidi bouncing over to us. Heidi was saying something but I couldn’t hear her over the music.She came over to me talking into my ear, “Doug is going to take me to our house and fuck me. Are you ready to take Dan home and fuck him?”I looked over at Doug, who shrugged and gave me a yeah, we are going to do this look. “Yes Heidi, I’m ready for Dan to take me!” I said back in her ear.Heide said something in Dan’s ear. He looked at me with a deer in the headlights look on his face. I grabbed him by the arm and told him to take me to their car. In the short drive to our house we didn’t talk much, I could tell Dan was a little in shock. The scene felt so familiar but now I was the experienced one and Dan was the nervous newbie.I fixed us both a drink and we moved to the couch in the living room. Dan confirmed that it was Heidi’s idea to try swinging. He told me that she has a very high sexual motor while he has a laid-back personality. While we talked I let my hand rub up and down his leg.“I have to admit to you that Heidi is the only one I’ve had sex with. I really didn’t want to do this. I only agreed because it was what Heidi wanted. I probably should just go.”How ironic I thought. Just a couple of weeks ago Heidi and Dan were us in reverse. “Dan I was in your position just a couple of weeks ago. I had only been with my husband.” I pulled off my blouse giving him a better look at my cleavage. “I thought love had to be part of sex, but I found that it doesn’t. I also thought sex was sex,” I said putting my hand on his crotch, “and one penis would feel like every other penis. I found it exhilarating feel a different cock inside me and it didn’t affect my love for my hubby. I’m not going to push you but I get the feeling that you might enjoy something new.” Dan’s cock was hard in his pants.“That makes me feel better that you were in the position I’m in. You
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are very pretty, I guess I can’t hide the fact you are making me excited.” Dan said with me rubbing his hard crotch. “I feel dumb asking this, but what do we do now?”“There is nothing dumb about it. We can stay here talking or I can show you our bedroom.” Dan looked at me with his deer in the headlights look. “Let’s go the bedroom and I want you to stop me if I do something that makes you uncomfortable.” Dan nodded and took my hand.When we got to the bedroom I hugged him and kissed him on the lips. I stepped back from Dan and took my bra off. “Is this okay?”“Yes, you look great. Can I touch them?” Dan asked.“Touch them, kiss them, you can rub cock between them. Whatever you want Dan.” Dan reached out squeezing my tits before bending down to kiss them.While he kissed my tits I slid my skirt to the floor. I pulled Dan on the bed on top of me. We kissed and felt each other. My hand rubbed his crotch over his pants. “Dan, can I take your pants off. Your cock feels nice and hard. I think it wants to play with me. Does it?”Dan pulled his pants and briefs down releasing his cock. It was long and skinny. “Oh Dan, you have a nice looking cock.” I ran my hand up and down his hard dick. “You are so long. I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” I kissed his cock as he stood next to the bed. Dan moaned when I put my lips around his cock sucking it.My pussy was on fire and wanting to be fucked. “Dan, I would love for you to get on top of me and fuck me.” Dan nodded and crawled onto the bed. He moved on top of me lining up his dick to my pussy. He pushed it into my wet pussy. “Oh that feels good.” I moaned. It was a different feeling that Doug or Jim. He wasn’t as thick but he was able to go farther in me that either of the other two.“Oh God yes, you feel great.” Dan kept pounding me.I kissed Dan as he was fucking me. “What is the position that your wife doesn’t like to do?”“She doesn’t like doggie, she says it makes her feel like a dog.”“Okay, stop for a moment. I’m going I’m going to get on my hands and knees and you are going to fuck me like a dog. I might even bark.” I rolled over getting set for Dan.Dan got in behind and shoved his cock back into my pussy. “Oh shit this is great.” He reached around grabbing my tits keeping a steady rhythm fucking me.Dan suddenly pushed his cock into me hard grunting. I could feel my pussy filling with his cum. I rolled over letting Dan take me in his arms. We laid in silence for till I spoke up. “That was a good fuck Dan, you seemed to enjoy yourself. You okay?”“That was great, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to admit I was a little mad at Heidi for wanting to swap. I thought I wasn’t enough for her but fucking you was very different than fucking her. Dumb question time again, what do we do now?” Dan asked.“That’s up to you. We can call it a night and get some sleep or we can see if that long cock of yours is up for more.”“Can I tell you what I really want to do and you won’t think it is weird?” I just nodded and kissed Dan on the cheek. “I really want to eat your pussy and lick you clean. I’ve always wanted to try that and I always thought Heidi would judge me.”“Mmm, honey you can eat me any way you want.” I spread my legs giving Dan access to my shaved pussy. I had still never tasted a man’s cum but was getting more interested in trying it. The idea of Dan eating his own cum out of me was turning me on.Dan put his face between my legs and started licking. My pussy was on fire and he lapped up his own cum. I could feel an orgasm building with Dan’s face buried between my thighs. “Of fuck yes, keep going I’m going to cum.” With that my body shook as I pulled his head into my crotch. I opened my eyes and said to Dan, “If your cock is hard put it in me and fuck me hard.”Dan’s cock was hard and he slammed it into me. “Now fuck me like a dirty slut.” I surprised myself, I had never talked dirty during sex and I liked it. Dan liked it too; he was pounding his cock hard into me.“That’s it, fuck my dirty cunt.” Dan’s cock was like a piston going in and out with force. I couldn’t believe it but I was about to have another orgasm. I shook with my second orgasm in just minutes but Dan kept pounding away. Finally Dan grunted shooting another load in me. We collapsed in the bed both exhausted.We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke to an obnoxious beeping next to the bed it was the alarm I set. “Oh fuck its late.” I had been hoping to wake up and fuck Dan before he had to leave because we slept too long. He was going to have to quickly get dressed to leave at the time we had all agreed. I woke Dan who quickly got dressed and headed out the door. I stayed in the bed still naked.Falling back asleep I was awakened by Doug sliding into bed next to me. Doug snuggled in behind me grabbing my tits. “Honey, did you have a good time?” he asked.“Yes, Dan is a nice man. Did you and Heidi have fun?”“Yeah, it was alright.” Dan said.“Alright? That doesn’t sound all that great. What happened?” I asked rubbing my ass against him.“Heidi was a little aggressive. It was like Rachel but more over the top. She kept comparing me to her husband and then telling me what to do. We fucked but I just don’t know about her.” Doug said.“I’m sorry your swapping hasn’t lived up to your desires. We can stop if you want.” I said not wanting to stop. Doug had opened my eyes to enjoying sex with other and I didn’t want to stop.  

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