A group of young virgin girls go to the big Constanta to deflower themselves on the beaches

A group of young virgin girls go to the big Constanta to deflower themselves on the beaches

About a year ago a newlywed couple, Nick and Sarah moved into the neighborhood.  They bought the vacant house next to me. Sarah was tall, redhead, and quite sexy. Over the year, we became close friends.  We had dinners at each other’s houses.  We hosted neighborhood parties at my house.  I was the only one on the block to have a pool.Nick and I became close friends.  We both loved to go to the shooting range.  We always went Saturday afternoons for our range time.  When we were done, we went our separate ways.  I went home and Nick went to hang out with his friends at the local bar.  More often than not, Nick would come home buzzed or worse, totally hammered. When I came home those days, Sarah was usually out shopping or in the front doing yard work.  Today I got home earlier than usual.  I didn’t grab enough ammunition, so I ran out.  I would run tomorrow and get some more.  It was hot and humid out today.  I decided to go for a swim.  I had a privacy fence surrounding the pool because occasionally I like to go skinny dipping in my pool.  While I was in the pool, I heard a voice calling out to me.“Hi, Bret.  How was the range today?”“It was good.  I ran out of ammo but most of my shots hit the bullseye.  That’s why I’m home early.  Nick didn’t fare so well,” I said. “Oh ok.  I guess that means he’ll be late again tonight.”“Sorry to say, you may be right.”“Do you want some company?  I’d love to take a dip to relax.”“Umm. I guess it’s alright.”“You don’t sound too sure.  I’ll just go now.” Sarah said as she turned around to walk away.“Sarah, don’t go.  It’s just that I don’t have a swimsuit on.”“Bret don’t worry.  You don’t have anything I haven’t already seen before.”Sarah stripped from her shorts and shirt revealing a red bikini.  It matched her curly red locks that she was taking out of her ponytail.  Then she dove in.  We swam together making small talk for about an hour.  Then, I suggested making dinner.“Sure, I’d love to have dinner with you.  Are you sure it’s not a bother?”“It’s no bother.”We got out and Sarah grabbed her towel and headed towards the house.  I quickly jumped out to grab a towel before she had a chance to grab a quick peek at me.  Sarah was waiting for me as I entered the kitchen.  When she saw me, she dropped her towel.  Somewhere between the pool and the kitchen she managed to strip her bikini off.  She had the perkiest set of tits and a shaved pussy.  Along with her killer ass, she was a walking wet dream.“Bret, I need fucked.  Nick doesn’t take care of me anymore.  He’s either working, drinking, or cheating on me.  I want more.  I need more. He is too vanilla.  I need to be taken and fucked.  Please fuck me.”  As I thought about what she said, Sarah made her move.  She pulled my towel from around my waist.  At that point, I didn’t care if she was married. “Oh my God.  I knew you were hot, but you look even hotter naked,” she said as she dropped down and grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth, I stopped her and took her hand, and led her to my bedroom.  She dropped her bikini on the bed and laid on her back, spreading her legs.  I slid my cock into her without giving her a chance today anything.“Oh, fuck me, Bret.  I need you to pound my pussy. Make me cum.” Sarah’s pussy clamped on my cock as her orgasm took over her body.“Fuck Sarah.  You’re so tight.” I pulled out and rolled her over on her stomach to fuck her from behind.  “I’ll take you anytime you want me to,” I said.  I pulled her hair back and slapped her ass until it was bright red.  She moaned in pleasure with every tug and slap.“Just like that Bret.  My pussy is yours now.” I fucked her pussy until my cock lost control.  I flooded her pussy with my seed.  I pulled out and Sarah took my cock in her mouth and brought me back to life.  She laid back down on the bed so I could fuck her harder.I stuck my cock back in her pussy that was leaking my cum.  There was no resistance even though she was tight as hell.  She wrapped her legs around me and held my cock in her as best she could.  She grabbed my hand and put it on her neck.  I gave it a little squeeze and Sarah moaned even louder. “Oh, yes.  Use me, Bret.  I’m your little whore.”  I saw her bikini bottoms on the bed and stuffed them in her mouth.  I pounded her pussy even harder.  She rubbed her clit as I thrust in and out until she squirted all over my cock.“Cum Sarah, cum all over my cock.” I could see our juices all over my cock as I thrust my cock back into her tight hole.  She moaned into her bikini
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with pleasure, I pulled out and took my cock and slapped her pussy to tease her before sticking it back in until I finally finished filling her pussy again.  We collapsed on the bed. Sarah took her bikini out of her mouth as we held on to each other and french kissed some more.“Bret, thank you so much.  I needed to be used like that. I’ve wanted you since we moved in beside you.  I knew you’d be a great fuck.”“Thanks, Sarah.  You are quite sexy yourself.  I never thought I’d have a chance to fuck you like that.  It was beyond my expectation. If Nick wants to cheat on you, my bed is always available.”"I didn't think he would cheat on me again after the last time.  But two can play this game,""Again?  Why would he do it the first time?"“We better get moving,” Sarah said as she changed the subject. “Let’s jump back in the pool to wash the sex smell from us, then we can have dinner.” I nodded in agreement.“Was this a one-time thing?” I asked.“Hell no. You have your time with Nick.  Now I have time with you.  We’re going to fuck every chance we get. “Sarah grabbed her bikini and headed back towards the pool.  I grabbed a pair of shorts and followed her out.  After a quick dip in the pool, we got out and got dressed.  I lit the grill and went inside to grab some steaks.  Sarah made a salad and drinks while I threw corn, potatoes, and steaks on the grill.We sat down on the deck as our food cooked.  When we finished, we heard Nick pulling in. He saw us on the deck and walked over.  Sarah got up and walked over to meet him. “Hey, baby. Hey, Bret.”“Hey, honey.  Did you eat yet?” she asked.“Yeah, I grabbed a bite at the bar, I’m going to grab a shower.  I’ll see you when you come home.”“Ok. I’ll be over in a bit.  I want to help Bret clean up from dinner.”Nick walked back towards his house. Sarah got up and grabbed a few dishes and took them inside.  I followed her into the kitchen and saw Sarah standing by the sink, crying. “Sarah, What’s wrong?”“Nick is what’s wrong.  He could have stayed over here with us.  But no, he only cares about himself anymore.“ She cried even harder.  I took her in my arms to comfort her.  She melted in my arms when I held her.  Sarah looked up at me with her puppy dog eyes.  I couldn’t resist her when she pulled me down into a kiss.  “Take me back to bed, Bret.”I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to my bed.  Once we hit the bedroom, we were out of our clothes.  In no time at all, my cock was buried in her married pussy once again.“Oh, Sarah. Yes,” I said as I pulled my cock out, flipped Sarah on her stomach.  I pulled her hips towards me, smacked her ass, and plunged my cock back into her velvety smooth pussy.“Oh fuck, Bret. That’s it.  Fuck my married pussy.”“Take my cock, Sarah. Oh, your pussy is so tight and warm.  I love fucking your married pussy!”“I should have fucked you sooner.  I didn’t know how I missed a good fucking.  Oh, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”“Sarah, I’m going to cum.”“Do it.  Fill my pussy. I want to feel you pump my pussy full of your cum, again.”“Oh fuck,” I cried as I shot my cum deep in Sarah.We collapsed on the bed.  I pulled Sarah close and kissed her.  I slipped my tongue past her lips.  She moaned as I did that.  Sarah’s tongue met mine and our tongues danced together. We broke our kiss and just held each other until Sarah moved to get out of bed.“That was fantastic, Bret.  I’m sorry but, I must get back.  I’m sure Nick is asleep by now, not even caring where I am or when I’m coming home.  I have a lot to think about,” she sighed deeply.  She had a sparkle in her eyes when she looked at me.  This was the first time I saw that sparkle. “I know you have to get back.  It was a great day with you.  You can come to see me anytime you want.  For whatever reason.  Even if you just want to talk.”“What if I want you to fuck me again?”“Well, if you want to fuck me.  Just ask me.  Or better yet, make a move on me as you did earlier. I won’t resist you, ever.”Sarah finished getting dressed and walked over to me. She leaned down and kissed again before leaving.“I just may do that. The same goes for you. Call me or just take and fuck me.  I’m yours, Bret.”Sarah turned and walked out the door and headed back to her husband.  She gave a little wiggle of her ass.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to stay away from each other. I didn’t care that she was married.  She didn’t either.  She was unhappy and I wanted her to be happy.  That’s all I wanted for her.  Her happiness made me happy.

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