Raped In The Forest By Two Escaped Soldiers

Raped In The Forest By Two Escaped Soldiers

Casey Willis is a teenage girl.  She is in her last year of high school.  She’s moody and spends too much time on her cellphone.  But, Casey wasn’t like most girls.  She had a very unique situation.  After puberty, she developed a medical condition.  Casey was diagnosed with Galactorrhea.   Galactorrhea happens to about twenty-five percent of women, but can also happen to men.  Galactorrhea’s main symptom is excessive producing of milk.  This condition can happen due to hormone imbalances due to certain medicines or other health conditions.  This is a condition that happens to non-pregnant women.Casey’s mother had her tested for other complications, but nothing else showed up.  This makes Casey very sad because her breasts leak.  Rumors have been all over school that she’s easy and is a teen mother.  These are just rumors though.  Casey doesn’t have any children.   But, she is sexually active and has a reputation for liking boys.Casey has also found that her nipples are an erogenous zone for her.  When her nipples are touched, it causes a sharp tingly feeling inside of her pussy.  She has found when people suck on her nipples she has strong orgasms.  Casey likes sex and will go to great lengths to have it.She’s had sex with several boys at her school, but quickly got the nickname “milky tits.”  For some odd reason, the teachers and janitors find Casey to be incredibly sexy.  Most of her men teachers like to keep Casey at the front of their classes to enjoy looking at her voluptuous body.  She isn’t a cock tease because she always puts out.  These are the rumors that have been circulating around the school.Men drool over Casey’s breasts.  They’re much bigger than your typical teenage girl.  Casey finds her breast milk situation weird and strange.  It’s very hard to explain to her friends.  She’s got to keep breast pads in her bras so that her milk doesn’t leak.  Casey’s doctors are not convinced what causes her problem.  She does take medication, but it still isn’t really helping. Casey tends to get into trouble because she likes the attention her men teachers give to her.  She will talk excessively in her classes or come to her class late.  She’s always in detention.  Her teachers almost get excited when she does bad things.  Mr. Brown, her English teacher, seems to have a crush on Casey.  Casey especially likes to get in trouble in his classroom. Casey got in trouble when her cellphone rang in class.  Mr. Brown ordered her to attend detention later in the day.  Mr. Brown handed Casey her detention slip, and told her to be on time.Casey wore a short miniskirt with tights and combat style boots, a thin colored cream blouse which unfortunately was wet at the place where her nipples were.  She must have been producing an extensive amount of milk.Before detention started, Mr. Brown raised the temperature to seventy-five degrees.  He liked to see Casey sweat and have found that her nipples swelled when she was uncomfortable.  He liked to jack off under his desk while she suffered in silence.  He never got caught which was all part of his wicked little game.Casey worked on her homework while Mr. Brown fantasized about her leaky breasts.  Casey was looking uncomfortable because the room was very hot.  She grabbed her hair into a ponytail to get her hair off her neck.  She unbuttoned several buttons on her shirt to reveal more of her bra. Her nipples were rock solid which always made her very horny.  She could feel her pussy moistening in her panties.  She opened her legs and rubbed herself over her tights.  She moved her hand back and forth.  She smelled her palm which had the scent of her pussy on her hand. Mr. Brown watched her pleasing herself while he was stroking his penis.  Casey couldn’t see what her perverted teacher was doing.  He wondered if she was as slutty as he had heard.  He was excited and wanted to take Casey into the coat closet and fuck her wildly.“Mr. Brown it’s awfully hot in here.  Is their something wrong with your thermostat?  I’m feeling really hot!
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“Are you hot dear?  I feel fine.  You do look a little flushed.  Perhaps you might need some water.  Would you like a glass?”“Yes.  I would enjoy some water.”Mr. Brown had a bit of a problem.  His cock was erect, and he needed to get Casey some water.  There was no way for him to hide his erection.  Casey smirked at her teacher.  He wondered if she knew what he was doing.  He smiled back at her and began to talk.“Casey, maybe you could just walk and get the water yourself.”Casey knew that he must have been jacking off.  She was aware that he was a pervert and had been teasing him at all her detentions.She wanted to tease him even further.  She walked to the cooler and filled a paper cup.  She walked towards her teacher and stood in front of him.“I know what you’re doing under your desk.  Do I make you hot?  Would you like to see my breasts?”Mr. Brown opened his mouth wide as Casey unbuttoned the rest of her blouse.  She unclasped her bra and released her enormous breasts.  Her nipples were erect and standing at attention.  Casey pressed her breasts together and pushed her one nipple into her mouth.  Casey was sucking at her own nipple.“Casey you’re very naughty.  My dick is iron hard and in need of your slutty mouth.  Give me a good blowjob and I’ll pass you.  Let me fuck that cunt of yours and you’ll never have to do anything else in my class again.”“You’re a very dirty teacher.  If you suck my breasts and relieve me of all this pressure in my breasts, Ill suck your cock and let you fuck me.  I’ve got this medical condition which makes my breasts fill with milk.”“Let’s go into the coat closet dear.  We must be discrete.  Lock the door and meet me inside.  I’ll be glad to suck your nipples.  I’ve never tasted teenage milk before.  You’re even more sexier than I dreamed.”Casey locked the door and met her teacher inside of the coat closet.  Mr. Brown opened his mouth wide and sucked on Casey’s breasts.  Her milk tasted very interesting.  He sucked hard and Casey made moaning noises.  Casey wrapped her hands around Mr. Brown’s cock and played with his dick while he properly sucked her nipples. “Casey my dick needs attention.  Kneel slutty girl.  Accept my cock into that dirty mouth of yours.”“Surely.”Casey moved down to the floor.  She opened her mouth wide and accepted Mr. Brown’s cock into her mouth.  She held his balls while she blew him.  Mr. Brown rolled her nipples between his fingers while she hungrily sucked his dick.“I’ve got to fuck you! Take your skirt and stockings off.  I need to fuck your cunt hole.  Do it now you slut!”Casey stepped out of her miniskirt and pulled her stockings down.  She bent down while Mr. Brown got behind her and entered her slutty pussy.  Her cunt was nice and wet while he slipped inside. He thrusted several times into her pussy.  He slapped her buttocks while riding her like a pony.  She moaned and groaned.  Her leaky breasts swayed to the left and the right while her teacher fucked her hard.“I’m coming!  Fucking hell.”Mr. Brown came inside of Casey.  He pulled out of her and pushed her back to the floor.  Casey licked his cream from his cock.  She accepted his cock back into her mouth.  He played with her hair while telling her degrading things.  He twisted at her leaky tits.  She made all kinds of sucking noises while pleasing her teacher.When they were finished, they both got dressed.  Casey looked like an absolute mess.  She hoped that her classmates all had left the building.  She didn’t need her reputation getting any more tarnished than it already was.She blew a kiss to Mr. Brown and left his classroom.  Her breasts felt good for the time being.  She was glad that he helped relieve the pressure.  It was the pressure of the milk that made Casey do bad things.  Thankfully, there was always a man to help her out with her interesting problem.  Casey was relieved that she didn’t have to work hard in her English class.  Now she needed to work something out with her other male teachers.    

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