Very Tattooed Pussies That Are Broken In The Cock

Very Tattooed Pussies That Are Broken In The Cock

In the quiet of the night The voices come out so deafening For when I am my weakest My self image they start threateningI used to be afraid of them I feared being swallowed whole Knowing I needed to be strong But feeling I had lost all controlThe voices can be so relentless Echoing every pain of the past Every insult and each bad mistake The voices ensure my sorrows lastBeing told I was never good enough Struggling to find my own path Making poor choices along the way In the quiet night I face their wrathSometimes I can simply block them Other times they bring me to tears I cannot let them destroy tomorrow So I fight with my very own fearsI think that while I truly lov
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e life I have forgotten how to just love me Putting myself first seems so selfish But to leave the past I have to let it beAs I try to love myself again He stumbles into my crazy world Once more I let my guard down And happily a love unfurledThe voices will never be quiet For new love does not erase the past But I am learning to shut them out I'm trying hard to make this love lastI would not be the same girl he loves If I had not stumbled and fallen before Even getting scared and lost at times I settled for less, he's giving me moreHis love is louder than the voices His touch quiets the doubt and pain Each day the past shouts at me less As we allow love to blossom again

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