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I awoke to Doug’s arms around me. Doug was looking at me as my eyes focused. “I love you,” I whispered to him before we kissed.“How was your evening?” Doug asked cautiously.“I went through with it as you asked. I had sex with Jim.” I figured now was not the time to give him the details. “How was your night? Was it all you thought it would be?”Doug was freer with the details of his night. It sounded as if Rachel was a little more aggressive than he had expected. They were naked in her bed within minutes of arriving at...


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When I look up at the night sky and look at the moon I see you.I see you when I see the brightest star.Smiling at me, making me feel warm inside.The Night Sky.Bringing a smile to my face and lifting my spirits.A shooting star streaks by and I know it is you.Showing me the direction I must must follow.The Night Sky.I see moon beams stream down from the sky.As I look at the ground they light up a path for me to follow.Following the path and the shooting star I smile.The Night Sky.Knowing that they will eventually take me to youThough...


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“Yo, I think we actually did okay out there, man,” I said to my friend Paul after performing at our state choral competition.“You think? I mean, the Sopranos are going to soprano. Bitches.” Paul said.“You right about that, bro. They’re shady as hell, man. All we can do is do our job. I got to change.” I said, walking away.Besides my passion for writing, I sang in the choir for two years in high school. Also, I sang in college briefly as well. I was walking to the nearest open changing room to change back into my regular clothes in my...


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Em was shouting into the bed covering. She was naked except for her garter belt. She was lying face down across the bottom of the bed with her legs spread widely apart and her feet on the carpeted floor of her hotel room for extra purchase. A hot cock was punching her wetly fragrant vagina, rapidly bringing her to orgasm. It was her first of the night. It would certainly not be her last. It had been an all-round great evening in fact. She’d had a very good result. She so loved being appointed to her favourite position. The hot young...


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